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OTTAWA, ON (February 3, 2023) — Diabetes Canada has written the Prime Minister and his First Minister colleagues to ensure the needs of the 11.7 million people impacted by diabetes in Canada remain top of mind, in advance of their meeting on February 7th to discuss new federal-provincial-territorial healthcare funding parameters and follow up on bilateral agreements.

“Canada took a tremendous step forward with the tabling of the Framework for Diabetes last October by federal Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos,” says Russell Williams, Senior Vice-President of Mission for Diabetes Canada. “Now, the next step and expectation of the diabetes community in Canada is implementation through concrete funding commitments in Budgets to be delivered by the federal, provincial, and territorial governments in the coming weeks and months.”

The stresses on provincial and territorial healthcare systems are well known from human resource shortages, long waiting lists and overcrowded emergency rooms. In their letters, Diabetes Canada points out that the complications from diabetes significantly impact these systems, as they account for 30 percent of strokes, 40 percent of heart attacks, 50 percent of kidney failure requiring dialysis, 70 percent of all non-traumatic leg and foot amputations, and that diabetes is the leading cause of preventable blindness.

In November 2022, a Nanos poll (commissioned by Diabetes Canada) found that nearly nine in ten Canadians support the federal government committing resources to implement the Diabetes Framework. Similarly, nine in ten Canadians agree with necessary support from provincial governments that will help implement the Framework.

Diabetes Canada has developed five specific recommendations for investments to support the Framework, which include:

  • Adequate Resources via funding innovative models such as cost sharing, matched funding programs, and public/private partnerships to ensure health authorities, communities, and all relevant stakeholders have opportunities and support to build capacity and improve access to services, medications, and devices for people affected by diabetes.  
  • Measurable Progress through the creation and funding of a multi-sectoral oversight body to convene key leaders and commit stakeholders to action, develop performance indicators, share best practices, and measure and report on the progress of the Framework for Diabetes annually against key principles, such as health equity and scalability to other chronic diseases.
  • Comprehensive Data through scaling up and expanding current data sources and increase data sharing and coordination through new data connection points that will improve health outcomes for people with diabetes. This is consistent with, and aligned to, the pan-Canadian health data strategy.
  • Inclusive Education by funding and supporting culturally appropriate, inclusive, and evidence-based education programs and knowledge transfer programs that focus on management and preventive measures using patient-focused training to address stigma and health inequities faced by those with diabetes.
  • Research through continued funding of impactful research for all types of diabetes (type 1, type 2 diabetes, gestational, and prediabetes), diabetes management, the impact of health inequalities, and the impact of diabetes on equity-seeking communities.

“All sectors in society have a role to play in our mission to End Diabetes, and the next steps involve the federal and provincial governments stepping up with concrete funding commitments as soon as possible in their respective budgets. In addition, the Framework can serve as a template for other chronic conditions too,” says Williams.

Federal letter:

Prime Minister of Canada

Provincial and Territory letters:

 Premier of Ontario             

Premier of Alberta


Premier of Nova Scotia


Premier of Saskatchewan


Premier of New Brunswick


Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador


Premier of Manitoba


Premier of Northwest Territories


Premier of British Columbia


Premier of Yukon


Premier of Prince Edward Island 


Premier of Nunavut


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