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Interested in joining the D-Camps team?

At D-Camps, children enjoy an authentic camp experience while having all their diabetes needs met by a team of skilled medical professionals. For fun and skill building, our awesome program team leads the way!

Our medical staff include endocrinologists, doctors, nurses, dietitians as well as health-care students, residents and interns. Together, they form a support network to help campers manage their diabetes more independently. If you or your colleague is interested in working as part of our D-Camps medical team, we’d love to hear from you!

For our program staff, we are always looking for team members who show enthusiasm, dedication, initiative and the ability to use their imaginations to turn camp into a place of magic and possibility. Certain skills and certifications are also required for specific roles. As teamwork is the cornerstone of all camps, we strive to create an environment where everyone works together to provide healthy and enriching experiences for each of our campers.

Applicants for both our medical and program staff must enjoy working with children and teens in an outdoor environment and be willing to learn about and respect the complexities of type 1 diabetes.

Details about our seasonal teams can be found in the below employment opportunity handbooks. Application links can also be found here.

Atlantic D-Camps

Ontario D-Camps

West D-Camps

Ontario Healthcare Opportunities

2024 Healthcare Team Opportunity Handbooks

2024 Atlantic Health Care Team Employee Opportunities Handbook

2024 Camp Briardale Medical Employee Opportunities Handbook

2024 Camp Kornder Medical Employment Opportunity Handbook

2024 Camp Kakhamela Medical Employment Opportunity Handbook

2024 Jean Nelson Healthcare Team Opportunity Handbook

Questions? Email us at to learn more about open positions with our seasonal teams.