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Our Policy Positions

Diabetes prevention and care are about much more than just physical health. The disease can also affect people's emotional and financial well-being.

At Diabetes Canada, our goal is to improve the health of Canadians who are at risk of or living with diabetes, and provide all Canadians with tools to live healthier lives.

Many factors - geography, finances, age, and others - can significantly impact a person's diabetes control, experience with the disease and overall health. These policy statements have been developed in consultation with Canadians living with diabetes, medical professionals, community and government representatives and other experts. The statements focus our advocacy agenda with governments, businesses and the public.

The following links are just some of our policies on issues related to diabetes prevention and management. They offer a starting point for effective action to address barriers and other challenges in Canadian diabetes policy and management.

Access and affordability of care

People living with diabetes experience significant medical and financial burdens related to accessing necessary medications, devices and supplies.

Access to health services

Diabetes can affect all aspects of a person's health. To improve outcomes, Canadians must be able to access health services and appropriate supports for their care and well-being.

Diabetes medications

Improving timely access to diabetes medications, devices and supplies and reducing provincial differences in coverage can ensure that all Canadians may access the tools and treatments they need to optimize their health.

Diabetes and lifestyle

Diabetes should not interfere with anyone's ability to live a full life. Here are Diabetes Canada's statements related to the removal of additional barriers that can pose ongoing obstacles.

Glucose monitoring systems

People with diabetes need access to the appropriate glucose monitoring systems that allow them to achieve their health potential and maximize their quality of life.

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