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Kids with diabetes in school

Students living with diabetes have the right to be full and equal participants in school and all school-related activities without the fear of being excluded, stigmatized, or discriminated against.

School boards should develop and communicate a comprehensive diabetes management policy that includes the roles and responsibilities of the students living with diabetes, their parents/caregivers and school personnel according to Diabetes Canada’s Guidelines for the Care for Students Living with Diabetes at School.

School principals should work with each student living with diabetes, their parents/caregivers and healthcare professionals to develop and communicate to school personnel an Individual Care Plan (ICP) that complies with the student’s prescribed diabetes management regimen. Each ICP should be comprised of a daily management plan and a diabetes emergency plan.

Schools should permit students living with diabetes to monitor their blood glucose (sugar), administer insulin and treat low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) and high blood glucose (hyperglycemia) conveniently and safely wherever and whenever required.

School personnel should be trained to recognize emergency situations and to respond appropriately according to the student’s ICP. School personnel should be trained to administer glucagon in the event of a severe hypoglycemic reaction.


Diabetes Canada's full position statement on students living with diabetes at school

Canadian Paediatric Society’s Diabetes@School

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