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Diabetes Canada is pleased that the Government of Canada is committed to improving the health of Canadians through the Healthy Eating Strategy. We applaud Minister Petitpas Taylor and Health Canada for taking a critical step to improve the food environment by banning partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs)—the main source of industrially produced trans fats—in all food sold in Canada. Those living with diabetes are at a two to three times higher risk of developing coronary artery disease and should limit their intake of trans fats to a minimum to help reduce this risk. The ban of PHOs will help make the healthy choice the easy choice for all Canadians, including those with diabetes, and decrease the burden of diet-related chronic disease in our country.

For more information about Diabetes Canada’s consultation into the government’s Healthy Eating Strategy, please visit:

Diabetes Canada Submission to Health Canada's Consultation on the Food Guide, August 2017

Diabetes Canada Submission to Health Canada's Consultation on Restricting Marketing to Children, August 2017

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