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The power of collective action was on full display this November in our annual Diabetes Awareness Month campaign. To honour the legacy of Drs. Banting, Best, Collip and Macleod—the discoverers of insulin—we urged Canadians to take action and help us reach 100,000 actions to End Diabetes. We are thrilled to share that we not only did that, but we far exceeded our goal and together reached more than 170,000 actions because of you!

“Thanks so much to all of you and to our wonderful communities for coming together to take action. I’m proud to see how dedicated Canadians are to helping End Diabetes,” says Laura Syron, President and CEO of Diabetes Canada. “This year’s Diabetes Awareness Month is an example of not only achieving our goal but far surpassing it. We talked about 100,000 actions in light of the 100th anniversary of the discovery of insulin and actually achieved over 170,000 actions, which speaks volumes to the dedication and commitment from all of you!”

Each of us plays an integral and important role to help End Diabetes. Every action, no matter how big or small, brings us closer to a future without diabetes whether that is raising money to help find a cure or finding ways to manage diabetes, so it doesn’t have such debilitating impacts on people’s lives. It’s this collection of actions that will continue to drive progress and improve the quality of life of those living with diabetes.

There are so many positive and inspiring ways you took action to help End Diabetes. Here are just a few examples you shared on our digital mosaic:

“I’m helping to End Diabetes by learning the facts about the disease.”—Eduardo Emanuel S.

“I’m helping to End Diabetes by donating to support research.”—Joseph D.

“I’m helping to End Diabetes through self-care and compassion so I can thrive with diabetes.”—Christina M.

“I’m helping to End Diabetes as a 20-plus-year Banting Circle member/donor. I’ve lived with diabetes for over 50 years—and am proud of it—and bike or run more than 200 times per year.”—Rick M.

‘I’m helping to End Diabetes by getting exercise daily, taking my medication properly, losing weight and being positive about what I am doing to control my type 2.”—Jane V.

For even more inspiration, visit our digital mosaic to see how people just like you from all across the country are making a difference.

We can’t wait another 100 years. #LetsEndDiabetes

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