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The Government of New Brunswick announces support during COVID-19 pandemic

The government of New Brunswick, has issued a one-time waiver of the client-contribution for insulin supplies that is available for clients of the New Brunswick’s Insulin Pump Program (NBIPP). The benefit is available to all clients of the NBIPP effective April 6, 2020 to June 30, 2020.

The NBIPP supports New Brunswickers up to 25 years of age living with diabetes, in obtaining fair and affordable access to insulin pump devices and the basic operating supplies. The client/family is responsible for a portion of the equipment and supplies based on income. The goal of this benefit is to ensure individuals can safely and securely continue their diabetes treatment without interruption.

“We applaud the government for taking this important step in protecting the health of New Brunswickers living with diabetes,” says Jake Reid, national director of advocacy and government relations with Diabetes Canada.

Insulin pumps are an alternative technology to multiple daily insulin injections. About the size of a pager, the portable, programmable insulin pumps deliver fast-acting insulin through plastic tubing connected to an insertion site on the body. People living with diabetes are at high-risk of developing long-term complications such as kidney failure, heart attack and limb amputation.  Switching from daily insulin injections to an insulin pump can offer better control of blood glucose levels reducing the likelihood of developing serious complications.

“Given these current times and the impact COVID-19 is having on people’s physical and financial health, it is essential that people living with diabetes focus on maintaining their personal well-being, without any unnecessary burden over accessing much-needed supplies,” says Reid.

Other initiatives available to ensure NBIPP clients can safely and securely continue their diabetes treatment without interruption include:

  1. Annual client applications are being automatically renewed for applications due between April 1 and June 30, 2020. Clients just need to confirm continued enrollment with the NBIPP Coordinator.

  1. The NBIPP has an appeal process that offers support to clients when there has been a significant and ongoing change in the family income and the contribution formula fails to recognize this.

  1. The program is accepting applications from existing pump users in NB, currently not enrolled in NBIPP who meet eligibility criteria.

More details about the program, including eligibility criteria, can be found by visiting the website here, by phoning 1-855-655-5525 or emailing

“With this step taken in New Brunswick, we urge other provinces to also implement relief measures to support people living with diabetes," says Reid. “We look forward to meeting with the government in the near future to further discuss other possible interventions that support the unique needs of people living with diabetes during this challenging time period and beyond.”

Diabetes Canada developed a detailed comparison of all publicly funded insulin pump programs across Canada.

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