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Past Webinars

Diabetes 101

  • Taking Control: Simple Steps to Preventing Type 2 Diabetes
  • All About Diabetes
  • ABCDES of Diabetes
  • Strength in Numbers: Building Your Diabetes Team
  • Living with Diabetes: Getting & Giving Support
  • Stand Up for Your Diabetes Rights

Diabetes 101: Cultural Adaptations

  • Aboriginal
  • Chinese
  • South Asian
  • Ramadan and Diabetes

Financial Literacy

  • Tax Tips & Diabetes: All You Need to Know

Healthy Eating

  • Carb Counting Made Easy
  • Curb Your Cravings
  • Is Sugar to Blame?
  • Pulses: A New Superfood?
  • How much is Enough?
  • Working the Glycemic Index into Meal Planning
  • Carbohydrate Counting – Ready, Set, Go!
  • Diabetes & the Mediterranean Diet: Is It Right for You?
  • Holiday Survival Tips to Stay on Track with Diabetes
  • Making the Most of Your Food Dollar
  • Eating Smart to Manage Blood Glucose


  • Diabetes Medications – What You Need to Know
  • Minding Your Medications

Motivation and Goal Setting

  • Small Steps Leads to Big Results
  • Ignite Your Motivation: Your Guide to Staying on Track with Diabetes

Physical Activity

  • Why We Should Exercise
  • Exercise Tips that Help You & Your Diabetes
  • The Exercise Solution
  • Accidental Exercise

Preventing and Managing Complications

  • Heart Health
  • Mental Health and Mindfulness
  • Taking Care of your Nervous System
  • Your Eyes Matter
  • Don’t Let Diabetes Get You Down
  • Making Diabetes Complications Not So Complicated
  • Taking a Step Forward: Preventing & Managing Foot Problems
  • Diabetes, Sexual Health & You
  • Lows & Highs: Blood Glucose Control
  • Stress less with Diabetes


  • End Diabetes… with Research

Type 1 Diabetes

  • Newly Diagnosed With Type 1: Now What?
  • Navigating Independence With Your Child Living With Type 1 Diabetes
  • How Others Overcome Diabetes Challenges
  • Top Tips for Travelling with Diabetes
  • Budgeting for Diabetes Health Costs
  • New and Emerging Technology in Diabetes Management
  • Taking Charge with Type 1 Diabetes
  • Kids with Diabetes & Understanding their Rights in School
  • Type 1 Diabetes & Transitioning into Adulthood
  • Diabetes Burnout: What it is & How to beat it
  • What’s New with Diabetes & Technology

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