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This year, World Health Day on April 7 will focus on diabetes and its global impact. In Canada, diabetes has reached epidemic proportions—with an estimated 11 million people living with diabetes or prediabetes. Another Canadian is diagnosed with diabetes every three minutes.

“Everyone living with diabetes needs a team to support them to live well—family, health-care professionals and many others. The Canadian Diabetes Association is also a member of that team, partnering with everyone affected by diabetes to take charge of their diabetes and live as well as they possibly can with the disease,” says Rick Blickstead, President and CEO, Canadian Diabetes Association (CDA).

Diabetes increases a person’s risk for many serious complications such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure leading to dialysis, and blindness. Nevertheless, for many people it is possible to live a healthy, full life with diabetes.

“People with diabetes play a critical role in ensuring the best health outcomes with the disease. Working closely with their health-care team, they manage blood sugar levels, foot care, eye care, physical activity and healthy eating,” says Dr. Jan Hux, Chief Science Officer, CDA. “Self-management is the cornerstone of diabetes care and people affected by it need the knowledge and skills to properly manage diabetes.”

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