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Diabetes Canada has been advocating for improved healthcare accessibility and a comprehensive system that facilitates individuals living with diabetes in obtaining essential treatments, ensuring the best possible health outcomes. As such, we’re pleased to hear that Canadian political leadership is continuing to address the need for a plan that helps people living with diabetes get the medications they need.  

The cost of prescription medications plays a key role in determining whether an individual consistently takes their prescribed treatments. So, any plan must address affordability, and it also needs to consider the issues of accessibility, and availability. Diabetes Canada recognizes that the federal, provincial and territorial governments have to balance prudent stewardship of public funds with establishing a world-class system that grants citizens access to essential treatments.  

A national plan would mark a pivotal moment in the pursuit of a healthcare system that prioritizes the well-being of individuals while addressing the fiscal responsibilities of the government. For the five million people living with diabetes in Canada, Diabetes Canada eagerly awaits official details from the government on this potentially transformative development.  

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