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Black Lives Matter

The recent protests around the world against systemic racism toward Black people have been a profound moment in our history. They have allowed us to carefully listen and learn, and to truly open our eyes to the hurt and systemic racism experienced by the Black community in Canada, and the impact this has had on our employees, volunteers, and the individuals we serve. Importantly, it has given us the chance to reflect on how we may have – even unwittingly – contributed to that racism, and our responsibility in ending it.

We add our voice to call for change that is urgently needed to help address the social injustices happening across the globe, and especially right here in Canada.

As the patient organization representing people affected by diabetes, Diabetes Canada has been actively addressing the devastating health outcomes associated with diabetes and race in increasing an individual’s risk of diabetes. We recognize that racism is a public-health crisis and is a root cause of continued disparities in death and disease between Black and white populations.

We are determined to be active and supportive participants in this movement—advocating for the health and wellbeing of Black Canadians and understanding the burdens, discrimination, stigma, and inequities they experience within our health-care system.

As an initial step, Diabetes Canada is immediately developing dedicated digital resources on our website that will offer education and information for Black Canadians about the increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Over the next year we will work with our health-care provider and patient communities to develop culturally appropriate approaches to prevention and self-management of diabetes by emphasizing the impact of social factors on health – including race – as part of our Clinical position statements.

Within our Diabetes 3600 strategy Diabetes Canada is working with partners to promote improved health outcomes based on unique priorities and needs; and urging governments and all Canadians to recognize and address race as a significant factor in the health of the Black, Indigenous, and people of colour communities.

We are also reviewing our own current HR policies and procedures to strengthen our internal practices regarding diversity and anti-racism.

We know there is more to be done. We are committed to working together, to standing for change and to standing in solidarity with the Black community.

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