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The 5 Rs for all patients with diabetes

What is a registry?

A registry is a list of people with diabetes in your practice.

Why should I bother with a registry?

A registry can help you organize and track many pieces of information about your patients who have diabetes, and help you organize your practice. A registry can:

  • Generate lists for you which can be sorted by age, type of diabetes, A1C or other criteria
  • Track when your patients were last in to see you, what tests they had, and what tests they need
  • Track the number of patients achieving their targets, and let you see if changes you implemented improved their control
  • Help you identify patients for group visits who have similar needs
  • Track when you, or your office staff need to remind patients of tests or appointments that are upcoming or overdue

OK. You’ve sold me. Where do I start?

If you are working with paper charts there are a few ways to populate this registry. Your practice registry can be developed from:

  1. Billing information
  2. Government data sources, which may be called a practice profile, chronic disease portal or tool kits, and are available in some provinces and territories
  3. Connecting with your local community pharmacist. Call or fax your pharmacist and ask them to generate a list of all anti-hyperglycemic medication prescriptions you prescribed within a period of time (i.e. past 12 months) *see below

Sample Medication Report from Local Pharmacist

Diabetes Registry: Download Excel Spreadsheet