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Young scientist award

Diabetes Canada established the Young Scientist Award in 1987 for the purpose of encouraging, by appropriate recognition, outstanding research conducted in Canada by young scientists in the field of diabetes. This award continues today with the support of the CH Best Research Fund of Diabetes Canada and CIHR-INMD. The award consists of a plaque and a cash award of five thousand dollars ($5,000). The significance of the award and the distinguished recipient is recognized by a special lecture.

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Dr. David Cherney

2019 recipent 

Following his clinical training in Nephrology, Dr. Cherney completed his PhD in human renal physiology at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto, in 2008. He is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto and a Clinician Scientist at the University Health Network and Mount Sinai Hospitals, where he is Director of the Renal Physiology Laboratory. He is currently supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the JDRF, the Heart and Stroke Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and the Banting and Best Diabetes Centre. He is also supported by a Department of Medicine, University of Toronto Merit Award. Dr. Cherney’s research program focuses on physiological factors that initiate renal disease in patients with diabetes, such as renal hyperfiltration and inflammation, and the role of the cardiorenal axis in diabetes. His research group is also involved in phase 2-4 clinical trials in cardiorenal medicine, including several primary renal outcome trials in patients with and without diabetes. Dr. Cherney’s research program is closely aligned with his integrated and multidisciplinary cardiac-renal-endocrine clinic at the University Health Network, which maintains a strong emphasis on the prevention of diabetic nephropathy and cardiovascular disease. In 2019, he received the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) Distinguished Researcher Award for outstanding contributions to nephrology. In 2019, he also received the Diabetes Canada/CIHR - Institute of Nutrition, Diabetes and Metabolism (INMD) Young Scientist Award.

Past award recipients

Year Recipient
2018 Dr. Patrick McDonald
2017 Dr. Gregory Steinberg
2016 Dr. James D. Johnson
2015 Dr. Bruce Perkins
2014 Dr. Rob Screaton
2013 Dr. Tony Lam
2012 Dr. Andre Carpentier
2011 Dr. Minna Woo
2010 Dr. Timothy Kieffer
2009 Dr. Vincent Poitout
2008 Dr. Jeffrey A. Johnson
2007 Dr. Peter Light
2006 Dr. C. Bruce Verchere
2005 Dr. André Marette
2004 Dr. Gregory Korbutt
2003 Dr. Micheal Wheeler
2002 Dr. Robert Hegele
2001 Dr. Gary Lewis
2000 Dr. Pere Santamaria
1999 Dr. Hertzel Gerstein
1998 Dr. Patricia Brubaker
1997 Dr. Jean-pierre Després
1996 Dr. Daniel Drucker
1995 Dr. Diane Finegood
1993 Dr. George Fantus
1991 Dr. Gerald Van de Werve
1990 Dr. Amira Klip
1988 Dr. Bernard Zinman
1987 Dr. Jerry Radziuk


The award will be made for research conducted, by a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, in the field of diabetes at an institution located in Canada, on the basis of original scientific contributions, as judged by the nominee’s publications. To be eligible, an investigator must not have passed their forty-fifth (45th) birthday by January 1st of the year in which the award is to be bestowed. Submission will also be accepted for individuals who turned 45 last year if the nominee has experienced significant disruptions to their early research career due to family, career, or similar issues. However, information regarding the disruption should be provided by the nominee. The review Committee at its discretion will determine the eligibility of applicants with career disruption.

Nominees are encouraged to be members of the Professional Section of Diabetes Canada.

Nomination procedure

Nominations may be made by members of the Professional Section of Diabetes Canada.

The nominator is responsible for coordinating the nomination and for providing one electronic copy of the required information:

  1. curriculum vitae of the nominee;
  2. up to (but not exceeding) ten of the nominee’s most significant publications;
  3. two letters (one each from the nominator and seconder) indicating the reasons for submitting this particular nomination.

Selection process

Nominations will be reviewed by a past Young Scientist Award recipients under the direction of the Nomination and Awards of the Professional Section Executives of Diabetes Canada. 

Award presentation

The award will be presented at the Diabetes Canada/CSEM Professional Conference and Annual Meetings in October each year. This will be followed by a lecture from the awardee.

Nomination deadline

Completed nominations must be submitted electronically as a PDF document to Diabetes Canada by April 30, 2019 to

In the event that no suitable nomination is made, the award will be deferred for this year.

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