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Five years ago, Jim was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He’d always had an elevated body mass index (BMI) and a family history of diabetes, but he never thought it would happen to him. As a child, Jim was prescribed steroid medication for a degenerative disease, which contributed to his weight gain at an early age. When he quit smoking in 2000, he gained 40 pounds, and his weight continued to fluctuate until his diabetes diagnosis. When he was first diagnosed, Jim assumed that “the problem would sort itself out.” It wasn’t until he received a stern warning from his doctor about his lifestyle choices that he decided he needed to make a change. 

Time for a change

When Jim began exercising on his own, he weighed 237 pounds, had blood sugar levels in the mid-teens, and usually ate out. To lose weight, he started going on half-kilometre walks, which was a struggle at first. With determination, he was walking four to five times per week and had cut down the amount of fast food he was eating after a short time. But after awhile, he became less motivated.

Jim learned about the 360Care program while searching for insurance that covered pre-existing conditions. With 360Care not only were Jim’s glucose meter and glucose strips covered by his insurance, but he was matched with a registered nurse and registered dietitian. They provided personalized health coaching, helping him to continue his weight loss journey and reach his goals.

“My nurse and dietitian are both wonderful and very encouraging. They listen to what I have to say and guide me in the right direction, and it works,” says Jim.

I was starting to veer off course and go back to old habits. But my dietitian came along at the right time, just when I needed to be encouraged. Now, my daily sugars range from 5-6, where they would have been in the teens before.

Jim’s weight loss success story

With coaching and encouragement from his 360Care team, Jim now eats mostly salads for lunch and a protein shake for breakfast. He also goes on six- to seven-kilometre walks and records his blood glucose readings daily. His weight is down to 189 pounds, and he hopes to lose another 15 pounds while maintaining his current blood sugar levels. 

“[My] overall goal is to be more physically fit and more comfortable with myself,” says Jim. “It’s a lifestyle change. It’s been a pleasure going to stores and being able to buy clothes that I couldn’t even look at before!”

How 360Care can help you achieve your health goals

Through 360Care, Jim and many others with type 1 or type 2 diabetes or prediabetes can get support to make small, incremental changes that have a lasting effect on their physical and mental health. Through personalized health coaching, 360Care is helping clients manage their diabetes and live healthier lives.

Currently, 360Care is offering 100 free 1-month accounts and has launched a new program that you can sign up for, irrespective of your insurance provider. For more details, visit to have an initial consultation and be matched up with a health coach today. 

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