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We are pleased to announce that Diabetes Canada has won best outstanding Health and Fitness Series at Podcamp Toronto`s third annual  Canadian Podcast Awards, celebrating outstanding podcasts produced by Canadian podcasters, editors and producers.  

”Diabetes Canada exemplifies the wealth of talent we have here in Canada and reflects the unique attitudes, opinions, ideas, values, and creativity of Canadians,” said John Leschinski, Chair of Podcamp Toronto. “We had thousands of votes cast this year from across the country—it`s really an incredible achievement to be selected by your peers in the Canadian podcasting community.”

The Diabetes Canada podcast is a 360° look at diabetes, from those affected by the disease to those working to find better treatments, management techniques and ultimately a cure.

"The Diabetes Canada Podcast shares the stories of the researchers, health-care professionals and people living with diabetes who are making a difference in this community, " says Krista Lamb, podcast producer and host. "This award is a wonderful way to celebrate those contributions, and we are grateful to play a part in telling these stories. We thank all those who voted and to everyone who listens or contributes to the series."

Winners were announced Saturday, February 22 at an awards party in Toronto as part of the 2020 Podcamp Toronto un-conference.

The Diabetes Canada podcast is available at your favourite podcast provider.

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