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Prior to COVID, I was not involved in the diabetes community nor was I active on social media. COVID-19 was the catalyst to begin connecting virtually with my newly forming diatribe.

To this end (or beginning?) I created an Instagram account called @betesandbites that focuses on all things “betes” (diabetes) and “bites” (food).

By sharing tools I’ve picked up along my diabetes journey and sharing messages that raise awareness about type-one diabetes in particular, I am not only keeping myself in the solution, but connecting with and learning from others.

Now with COVID, more than ever, I am grateful for sharing a home with my husband Herve and 9-year old dog Pinot; they fend off loneliness while also keeping me entertained! I think Pinot is enjoying COVID because he is getting way more walks than he used to! I used to go to my gym a few days per week, but since COVID, I started doing yoga and cycling at home. I’m also relieving my anxiety by building in two meditations sessions per day. Additionally, I’ve taken advantage of extra time to start reading the books I keep ordering from Amazon but never seem to find the time to read!

In terms of meals, my husband and I used to go out to eat a couple times per week but with COVID that has stopped. We do order take-out from a local restaurant as we are trying to do what we can to help local businesses stay open. I’m also cooking more. I have always enjoyed cooking but am using the extra time to be more creative in the kitchen, and share my recipes on Instagram. Grocery shopping was one of my favorite hobbies but because I am immune compromised, my husband has become the designated shopper in our household.

Finally, I am grateful to have found the on-line diabetes community, and especially Canadian-based resources such as Diabetes Canada.

Author: Victoria Burns

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