The Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 Guidelines: 10 Interactive Tools to Help You and Your Patients!

Dr. Catherine Yu MD FRCPC MHSc
Chair, Dissemination and Implementation Committee, Canadian Diabetes Association 2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines

The Canadian Diabetes Association released their “2013 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada” (Guidelines) in April! These Guidelines represent the best and most current evidence-based clinical practice data for healthcare professionals. Recognized internationally, these Guidelines provide recommendations on screening, prevention, diagnosis, education, care and management of diabetes.

At, you will find:

  • Latest recommendations, like:
    • When to screen for diabetes
    • An easier way to screen for and diagnose diabetes
    • How to individualize someone’s glycated hemoglobin (A1C) target
    • Which medications are best suited for blood glucose lowering and vascular protection
  • Interactive and easy-to-use tools to individualize management plans, promote self-management, team care and organization of care
  • Slide sets for self-learning or presentation purposes
  • Searchable and downloadable guideline chapters and an executive summary

Here’s a quick tour around the 5 key messages and some (not all!) of the tools:

1. Screening and diagnosis

Tool name: Screening for and Diagnosing Diabetes
For whom: Healthcare professionals
What: An interactive app to help you decide when, how to screen for and how to diagnose diabetes. Just plug in the laboratory values (fasting or random blood glucose, and/or A1C), and the app does the rest!

Tool name: How Do I Make the Diagnosis of Diabetes
For whom: Healthcare professionals
What: An interactive case vignette that walks you through the case of Mrs. HR, including which blood tests to order, the interpretation and the rationale. Check out the other vignettes in this section and in the vascular protection section as well!

2. Vascular protection

Tool name: Protect Your Heart… Do Your Part!!
For whom: Patients
What: An easy-to-remember checklist of targets and goals to help patients broaden their focus to comprehensive diabetes care (check out the healthcare provider version too!)

Tool name: What is Your Risk of Heart Disease or Stroke?
For whom: Patients
What: Another interactive app—patients answer 4 easy questions, then the app suggests whether the person should be on medications to reduce his or her risk of heart disease and stroke (and yes, there is a healthcare provider version too!)

3. Blood glucose lowering

Tool name: Individualizing Your Patient’s A1C Target
For whom: Healthcare professionals
What: An interactive app that allows you to individualize your patient’s A1C target based on their medications, comorbidities and risk of hypoglycemia, among other characteristics, and presents the results in a visual way that you can show your patients

Tool name: Pharmacotherapy for Type 2 Diabetes
For whom: Healthcare professionals
What: An interactive app that allows you to individualize the next medication after metformin, based on patient characteristics (for example, renal function) and their priorities (for example, weight maintenance, hypoglycemia avoidance). Click on the column titles to reorder the agents (e.g. from least hypoglycemia to most hypoglycemia)

4. Self-management education

Tool name: Managing my Diabetes—My Action Plan
For whom: Patients
What: A PDF that can be filled out, printed and saved, which enables patient goal setting, problem solving through barriers and facilitators, assessment of conviction and confidence, and sets up a follow-up date. You can print out 2 copies—one for the patient and one for the chart!

5. Team care and organization of care

Tool name: Targets, Goals and Results
For whom: Patients
What: Healthcare providers use flow sheets to keep track of care—our patients should too. Ask your patients to use this PDF (fillable, printable and savable) to promote the patient as the self-manager; it includes a “cheat sheet” on the back about diabetes targets and why. Check out the other tools under “Me, My Health and My Diabetes Team”

Tool name: My Team’s Notes
For whom: Patients
What: Ever wonder what another health care provider said to your patient or what changes were made? Ask your patients to use this PDF (fillable, printable and savable) to help keep all team members on the same page

Explore the site now and give it a try with your next patient! Stay tuned for more tools as we add them to our site. We always welcome feedback and new ideas—contact us at

At your service to promote quality diabetes care in Canada!

Enable patient-centred care with interactive easy-to-use tools in 5 quick steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Select the tool you need: “Health care provider tools” or “Patient resources”
  3. Complete it or have your patient complete it
  4. Print 2 copies
  5. Hand one copy to your patient, and put the other in your chart


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