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On May 24, 2021 Diabetes Canada launched its second annual Virtual Diabetes Frontline Forum (DFF). DFF is an event designed for pharmacists, registered dietitians and nurses – the frontline in diabetes care – but was open to all healthcare professionals.

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Presentation titles and speaker(s) 

Diabetes Frontline Forum (DFF) 2021 | YouTube Videos


Heavenly Sweet Talk: The Impact of Meaning and Purpose on Diabetes Distress

Speaker: Dr. Barry Simon, MD FRCP  


Reflective Practice on Sweeteners: Am I Evidence - or Fear - Based? 

Speaker: Dr. Shannan Grant, PDt, MSc, PhD 


HEARTBREAK! How Can We Change the Headlines in Type 2 Diabetes? 

Speaker: Dr. Peter Senior, BMedSci (Hons), MBBS (Hons), PhD, FRCP, FRCP(E), Professor of Medicine   


Comprehensive Type 2 Diabetes Management: Know Your ABCDESSS  

Speaker: Dr. Harpreet Bajaj, MD, MPH, FACE


The Lowdown on Hypoglycemia  

Speaker: Dr. Alice Y.Y. Cheng, MD FRCPC 


Deciphering the Alphabet Soup of Diabetic Kidney Disease

Speaker: Dr. Rita Suri, eGFR, ACR, CKD, KFRE, RRT 


COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Speaker: Dr. Ted Steiner, MD, FRCPC 


Basal Insulin Initiation—The Steps You Need for Safe and Effective Starts  

Speaker: Ascensia Presents - Michael Boivin, Bsc. Phm, RPH, CDE


Empower Your Patients to Manage Their Diabetes 

Speaker: Abbott Presents - Cherylene Pinaroc, RN


Help Your Patient Get I.T. Right: Getting Right to the Point 

Speaker: Becton Dickinson Presents - Gail MacNeill, BNSc, RN, MEd, CDE, FIT Board Member 


Improve your Virtual Counselling Skills with Real-time CGM and CLARITY 

Speaker: Dexcom Presents - Dr. Ilana Halperin, MD, FRCPC 


Automating Insulin Delivery—Helping Patients Reach Target 

Speaker: Medtronic Presents - Sarah McVicar, Territory Manager, Medtronic Canada  


Health Literacy Interventions to Improve Patient Health Outcomes 

Speaker: Canola Eat Well Presents - Alka Chopra, RD CDE 


Who Put the Renal in CardioRenal? 

Speaker: Janssen Presents - Lori Berard, Nurse Consultant


Management of BED and Diabesity—Made Simple 

Speaker: Takeda Presents - Dr. James W. Kim,  MBBCh, PgDip

*To view fullscreen or on Youtube, double-click selected video(s). 

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