Every day, Canadians living with type 1 diabetes take insulin so that they can live healthy lives.

Many choose to deliver the insulin by manually injecting it several times a day while others use an insulin pump to deliver the appropriate amount of insulin when required throughout the day.

There is compelling evidence of the medical benefits of insulin pumps versus multiple daily injections of insulin. This report builds on that evidence to demonstrate that not only does the use of insulin pump technology lead to better health outcomes for people living with diabetes, but that government investment into insulin pump programs is a cost effective method of addressing the burden of diabetes in the province.

The following reports will identify how the use of an insulin pump, in place of multiple daily injections will, over the long-term, reduce the number of serious complications experienced by people living with type 1 diabetes. These complications are the true drivers of the increasing diabetes-related costs in the province. Each report will also demonstrate the province’s savings from the reduced number of complications will be matched and exceed the financial costs of implementing an insulin pump program in the province. Further, the amount of savings will continue to grow each year.

Provincial reports

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