In 2011, Diabetes Canada, in partnership with Diabète Québec, released Diabetes: Canada at the Tipping Point – Charting a New Path, a report which assesses the burden of diabetes and government response across Canada.

Canada is at the tipping point concerning diabetes. Despite progress in governments’ efforts to address diabetes over the past five years, it is dwarfed by the growing burden of this disease across Canada. Unless action is taken, diabetes will threaten the lives of millions more Canadians and the future sustainability of the Canadian health-care system and our economy. The report calls for immediate government action to "tip" the course of diabetes.

Results from a recent public poll commissioned by Diabetes Canada evoke grave concerns regarding diabetes among the majority of Canadians, and severe hardships faced by Canadians with diabetes as a result of discrimination and financial strains. The poll was conducted to gauge public opinion regarding diabetes and action required to address this epidemic among Canadians in general and Canadians living with diabetes.

Diabetes Canada has partnered with Diabète Québec in assessing governments’ efforts in addressing the burden of diabetes in Canada over the past 10 years. Diabetes Report Card 2001 was the first report using comparative data on diabetes programs and policies across the country. Subsequently, Diabetes Progress Report 2003 and Diabetes Report 2005: The Serious Face of Diabetes in Canada provided updates regarding diabetes policies and programs while offering further recommendations in addressing the burden.

For more specific information about the burden of diabetes in Quebec, visit the Diabète Québec website.

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