The Diabetes Standards Recognition Program (SRP) acknowledges and formally recognizes Diabetes Education Centres (DECs) across Canada that strive to provide the best possible care to people living with diabetes and those at risk. The goal of the SRP is to recognize DECs that offer:

SRP recognition is granted following a review carried out by a committee of DES members. A committee conducts a peer review of Diabetes Education Program submissions each year using the Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada (PDF). They determine whether the program meets the criteria for formal recognition for a maximum of five years, which can be renewed. Full application details are available here.

The SRP criteria are regularly updated to reflect new knowledge and best practices that help people living with diabetes. This includes new tools, knowledge and evidence as embodied in the Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines, the DES Mission and Belief Statements, and Accreditation Canada’s 2013 Q-Mentum Program Standards for Populations with Chronic Conditions.

2011 SRP Recipients (William Olsler Health Centre Diabetes Program, Ontario)

2017 Program Recipients
2016 Program Recipients
2015 Program Recipients
2014 Program Recipients
2013 Program Recipients
2012 Program Recipients
2011 Program Recipients
2010 Program Recipients

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