Distance is a major barrier in serving people affected by diabetes in remote areas. This program aims to reach under-served Saskatchewan communities, where diabetes is most prevalent.

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Distance is a major barrier in serving people affected by diabetes who live in remote areas, and relative to other provinces, a high proportion of Saskatchewan’s population-60%-resides outside of its two major urban centres. Through the Travelling Diabetes Resource Program (TDRP), Diabetes Canada is committed to providing people across the province with access to the same programs & services as those offered at our Regional Leadership Centres in Regina and Saskatoon. The TDRP touches communities in every part of the province—taking world-class educational resources to thousands of people whose lives have been affected by the epidemic of diabetes.

In 2009/10, the program connected with more than 10,000 people in rural and remote areas of Saskatchewan. This outreach was made possible through the generous financial contributions of concerned corporate groups, Lions Clubs throughout Saskatchewan, community-based organizations, and the fund development activities of Diabetes Canada.

In Saskatchewan’s North, Cameco Corporation has generously sponsored a vehicle dedicated to bringing diabetes education to Northern communities, and supports our Association’s efforts to extend our reach into more remote communities.

TDRP priorities

  • To reach under-served Saskatchewan communities, where diabetes is most prevalent, and the risk for diabetes is highest.
  • To raise awareness that diabetes is very serious—but that with effective diabetes management and prevention, there is hope!
  • To work in supportive partnerships with community members and agencies—including schools, workplaces, service clubs, Tribal Councils, Health Regions, volunteers, and others.
TDRP in the community
  • TDRP will attend and participate in community events that already attract significant numbers of people (fairs, pow-wows, trade shows, etc.)
  • Diabetes presentations will be offered to service clubs, seniors groups, schools, employee groups, caregivers, and other community associations.
  • Educational displays and literature will be set up in high-traffic indoor and outdoor public venues.
  • TDRP will work closely with community health agencies in order to have a high-profile presence at health fairs, diabetes education forums, and other health initiatives.

Who will TDRP reach?

  • The SK population outside of the two major cities, including residents of northern and remote communities
  • People affected by diabetes—and those at risk for diabetes, including those with prediabetes
  • Aboriginal population (primarily on-reserve and in centres outside Regina and Saskatoon)
  • Children and youth—a key audience for the diabetes prevention message
  • Schools and workplaces
  • Service clubs, and communities where service clubs are present
  • People who plan and participate in community events—both general events and health-related initiatives
  • Volunteers who want to make a difference for the health of their communities
  • Health care providers

Let us know how TDRP can serve your community…

Phone: 1-800-297-7488 ext 227 and ask for the TDRP Coordinator

E-mail: brie.hnetka@diabetes.ca and ken.orban@diabetes.ca


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