Flo Pittman

Name: Flo Pittman

Hometown: St. John's, NL

“Staying young at heart with Team Diabetes”

By: Raeesa Lalani

With her distinct Newfoundland accent and delicate manner, Flo Pittman is one Team Diabetes’ most unquestionably charismatic leaders.

Pittman has lived with diabetes for nearly 21 years, works the nightshift at the St. John’s airport and is a proud mother and a grandmother. She’s also one of Team Diabetes’ most well-travelled participants.

Between her run in Rome in 2007, Athens in 2009 and Scotland in 2014, Pittman has helped spread diabetes awareness across the globe. And she’s far from done with her globetrotting days.

“I might like to do the run in Nashville in 2015. I might do that one for my 75th birthday,” she says.

Pittman’s passion for Team Diabetes began after she signed up to fundraise for her first Team Diabetes event. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, Flo has since found herself running all across the world.

Oddly enough for a runner with so many miles to her name, Pittman admits that she doesn’t dwell too much on training. Instead, she relies on a personal drive that has powered her through countless night shifts at work.
“I’m not bragging,” says Pittman. “I’m just non-stop. I always find something to do.”

Admired by her fellow participants and co-workers for her tireless effort, Pittman’s inspirational journey is almost as hard to keep up with as she is.

So, what is it that keeps Pittman going?

“The whole thing I find with diabetes is there is not enough awareness out there,” Pittman says. “Everywhere I go I see awareness of other diseases, but why can’t there be all of that for diabetes, especially for those darling children that live with the disease?”

From Rome to Scotland, it’s safe to say Pittman’s tireless efforts ensure she’s doing her part to help make diabetes awareness an important issue across the globe.

You can make a difference by joining Team Diabetes – to learn more or register for an event in your area visit teamdiabetes.ca.

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