Buzz Bishop

Name: Buzz Bishop

Hometown: Calgary, AB

“Team Diabetes: Media Champion!”

By: Raeesa Lalani

In 2003, Diabetes Canada, approached Buzz Bishop to be a part of a media campaign. This act of chance turned into a long-term relationship that continues to grow. Buzz has worked in newspapers, television, blogs, radio and is a man of the media – he has also become a member of Team Diabetes. “Diabetes picked me,” he says. While he does not live with the disease, he has become a passionate spokesperson for the cause.

Buzz participated in the Reykjavik Marathon in 2003 with Team Diabetes, which was a personal accomplishment and a wonderful experience for him. Then in 2008 he received the Team Diabetes alumni letter saying the next destination was Easter Island. Intrigued by the destination, he decided to lace his sneakers back up and  become serious about Team Diabetes.

 “Being in the media we have the opportunity to do charity events all the time,” he says. “They often have a winner who gets $500 dollars to [donate to] a charity of their choice. I wanted a Bob Barker charity…I wanted to be the diabetes guy and be committed to one and do it.”

So like Bob Barker and animal charities, Buzz did just that. He looked into Team Diabetes and its mandate and did research about Diabetes Canada, deciding that that it would be his charity of choice.

And the list of events he has participated in and the money raised shows just that. He has travelled to Easter Island (2009), Rio (2010), Reykjavik (2003 and 2012), Edinburgh (2013), Bermuda (2015) and will once again join the team in Australia in 2016.

He has managed to fit in training and fundraising for events alongside his work as a radio show host and blogger – all while raising two children. He manages by combining all his worlds together. “People who become self-publishers, there is an opportunity to do promotions for brands and get paid. Many people do that. I saw that as an opportunity to do it for Diabetes Canada, as in-kind donations for Team Diabetes.”

Buzz gets the brands that he works with to put the money right into his donation account.  He described it as “a part time job for Team Diabetes.” For the team, his contributions as a media champion, all-star, ambassador and friend have meant so much. Thanks to Buzz for using his role in the media to do so much for people living with diabetes in Canada.

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