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Make a gift through endowments

When you donate to Diabetes Canada’s Endowment Fund, your gift will generate revenue for Diabetes Canada for years to come.

An endowment is an investment that is set aside for the long-term support of Diabetes Canada. A portion of the annual income that the fund generates is used to support Diabetes Canada's mission or an agreed upon designation. The remaining income is reinvested in the fund to ensure that the original capital is protected against the effects of inflation.

Our endowments

Diabetes Canada has two types of endowment funds.

Restricted endowment fund

Donors who make outright gifts of $100,000 or more can permanently name a designated fund (e.g. The Smith Family Endowment Fund for Research).

You can also donate to a previously-established Named Fund, or you can restrict your donation to support a specific program of Diabetes Canada, with a minimum outright gift of $10,000.

Unrestricted endowment fund

Diabetes Canada accepts gifts of any amount to our permanent unrestricted Endowment Fund to be used for our general operations. Each year the Board of Directors of Diabetes Canada determines the use of this fund’s distribution, based upon operational needs of Diabetes Canada.

How it works

Once you've spoken with legal counsel or a financial advisor, talked through your options and found the best fit for you, you can contact Diabetes Canada to make your Endowment Gift. Diabetes Canada will then create a formal agreement to ensure that your donation is used according to your wishes in a mutually agreed upon manner.

The full Endowment process is as follows:

  1. You make a gift of cash, stocks, bonds or mutual funds to Diabetes Canada.
  2. Once you have made your endowment gift you will receive a tax receipt for the full amount of your gift.
  3. Your donation is added to the endowment fund, or a named endowment is created depending on your investment amount.
  4. The endowment fund is invested under the direction of Diabetes Canada’s investment policy.
  5. Each year, a specific percentage of the income earned on the fund is used to support Diabetes Canada's mission or an agreed upon designation. The balance of the income earned is reinvested.
  6. The original amount of your investment will be allocated according to the endowment agreement. Funds may be kept in perpetuity or for a subscribed period mutually agreed upon by you and Diabetes Canada.
  7. Your gift is a lasting legacy that can continuously support Diabetes Canada year after year.

Please note: The information provided is general in nature and not intended to be a substitute for professional legal and/or financial planning advice. Diabetes Canada encourages all donors who are planning a significant gift to consult with their family and seek independent legal and/or financial planning advice.

Coordinator, Legal Affairs & Legacy Gifts

For more information on making a gift through endowments.

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