Philip Bobawsky, 57, is living with type 2 diabetes and diabetes-related complications in Calgary.

Philip Bobawsky

What the Diabetes Charter for Canada means to me

The Diabetes Charter for Canada will help people to be more aware of the disease and its complications. It will also help to ensure people living with diabetes are treated equally across the country. Right now, the federal government funds the provinces and they make decisions about what to fund. For example, Saskatchewan covers all diabetes testing supplies, which are not covered here in Alberta.

My diabetes story

I lost my vision eight years ago as a result of eye damage due to diabetes (which is also known as diabetic retinopathy), and am now blind.

My kidney disease progressed to end stage, which resulted in a kidney transplant three years ago. (Kidney damage is common in people with diabetes, but good diabetes management and regular screening can help delay the loss of kidney function.)

I’m retired and am an active Diabetes Canada volunteer. I am currently the Diabetes Canada’s Southern Alberta regional chair.

Diabetes is the root cause of all the chronic conditions I currently live with daily. Strict management and control of diabetes makes a healthier life possible. Without the support, encouragement and understanding of my family and medical team, I would not be alive today.

Join Philip and say YES to a Diabetes Charter for Canada today.

Keep diabetes research moving forward

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