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For people living with diabetes, keeping track of your diabetes information and any questions that arise can be challenging. It is a complex disease, and good diabetes care requires preparation, organization and follow up by both patients and their primary care providers*.

In response to this challenge, Diabetes Canada has developed tracking tools to help you be best prepared for visits with your doctor and the rest of your diabetes team. It is important that certain visits with your health-care team focus specifically on your diabetes.

How to prepare for your diabetes-focused visit

Your diabetes visits will be more effective if you are prepared and know what to expect.

  • Have laboratory tests done before your visit to help your doctor and diabetes health-care team focus on next steps in the organization of your diabetes care.
  • Bring blood glucose (sugar) records with you (written down or printed from meter).
  • Bring a list of all medications, including non-prescrpion drugs and let your team know which need to be refilled.
  • Save any non-urgent, non-diabetes questions for another visit. This will ensure that your diabetes gets the full attention it deserves.

Diabetes tracking tools

Seeing your doctor only for diabetes-related issues will allow sufficient time for you and your doctor to discuss your management of the disease and any problems or changes you are experiencing. Ideally, you should have four appointments each year dedicated solely to diabetes care, during which your blood pressure should be checked, your feet examined and your medications reviewed, among other things.

Use any of the tracking tools below, for your unique needs. The tools can help you to:

  • Keep track of your numbers and diabetes care.
  • Discuss your needs and goals.
  • Write out any questions you may have.
  • List the members of your diabetes care team.
  • Write down information you learned during visits with your diabetes care team.

Remember, your diabetes care needs and information may change over time. These tools will help you stay up to date and will help you keep your team connected.

Related tools

  • If you are living with diabetes, it is important that you understand your risk of developing heart (cardiovascular) disease. Here is a self-assessment tool that can be used during your diabetes-focused visits to help identify your risk factors for heart attack or stroke.
  • The ABCDEs to Reduce your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke is a quick reference of key elements from the 2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines regarding cardiovascular risk factors and recommendations for reducing cardiovascular risk.

* Primary care providers are those who are “orchestrating” your diabetes care. This could be a family doctor, a specialist or a nurse practitioner.

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