The following form is to be used to file a Reportable Activity as identified in Diabetes Canada’s Whistleblower Policy only.

If you have a concern of a more general nature, please visit Share a Concern for more information.

The Whistleblower Policy is intended to encourage employees and others to raise serious ethical or legal concerns within Diabetes Canada. Diabetes Canada will not permit any employees or volunteers to harass, retaliate or discriminate against those other employees, volunteers and stakeholders (the Complainant) who, in good faith, report a Reportable Activity. Retaliation in any form will not be tolerated. Any complainant who feels he/she has been subject to retaliation should report her/his concerns to either the President and CEO, CFO and VP, Shared Services, Board Chair or the Chair of the Audit, Investment & Risk Committee either by completing this form or by emailing them directly through the contacts listed in the Whistleblower Policy. Please note that the electronic form will automatically be submitted to all four individuals. Should you wish to send your complaint to only the Board Chair, please email your complaint directly to the individual. For contact information, please see Exhibit B of the Whistleblower Policy.

A complainant may remain anonymous. However, in order to allow for a better investigation of a complaint, the complainant should consider identifying themselves by giving their name, their telephone number and other contact information. Even if such contact information is not provided, the substance of the complaint will be treated with utmost confidence and not discussed with others except to the minimum extent necessary to conduct a complete and fair investigation. In all cases, the person who is alleged to have committed the infraction will be made aware of the complaint at an appropriate point during the investigation.

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Diabetes Canada will treat all reports made under this policy as confidential to the fullest extent that is consistent with conducting a full and fair investigation even if you make a report under this policy and disclose your identity. Diabetes Canada will exercise care to keep confidential your identity until a formal investigation is launched. At that point, your identity will be disclosed to other individuals only to the extent necessary to conduct a complete and fair investigation.

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