Position statement

People with diabetes should receive care that promotes the highest quality of life regardless of the setting.

People with diabetes have a right to timely, affordable and ongoing diabetes education and comprehensive treatment services provided with seamless coordination by a Diabetes Healthcare Team and other specialists as specified in the Canadian Diabetes Association’s 2008 Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Management of Diabetes in Canada and Standards for Diabetes Education in Canada.


Institutional Settings: Where residents require care and services provided by various certified/licensed service and care providers. Institutional settings may include nursing homes/long term care facilities, group homes, hospitals and correctional facilities.

Background and rationale

People with diabetes may receive inadequate diabetes care when living in institutional settings. A prison, for instance, may not provide the residents with diabetes education, healthy food choices or the freedom to self monitor.

(Note: This statement was previously entitled "CDA's Position on Institutional Care.") 

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