Diabetes Canada is helping you provide patient-centered diabetes care and chronic disease management.

Here you will find guideline-based point-of-care tools for you to use in practice, and information for your professional development and learning. Quickly access fully searchable guidelines and an Executive Summary, plus calculators, case studies, slides, and a full suite of patient education tools, or find tools according to the list below.

Treating diabetes earlier is better. Identify your patients who are at risk of diabetes, or have diabetes and don't know about it. Use the interactive calculator and case studies to appropriately screen and diagnose.

Your patients are at increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and a major focus is needed to reduce this risk. Learn how to reduce this risk by as much as 53% by using the interactive tool to define vascular protective medication(s) for your individual patient needs, and always talk to your patients about the ABDCEs.

Lowering blood sugars reduces the risk of health problems down the road. There are many ways to lower blood sugar (lifestyle, medications). Diabetes Canada recommends individualizing choices for blood glucose lowering based on the best fit for your patient. Use the interactive glucose-lowering decision tool to define the best second-line agent after metformin, use a tool to individualize A1C for your patients, and access information for Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose.

Your patient is in charge of their diabetes, and everyone on the health-care team (doctor, nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, etc.) is there to help educate, support and coach them. Self-management Education (SME) topics include: Lifestyle, mental health, self-monitoring of blood glucose, blood pressure, foot care, etc. Empowering patients to engage in collaborative diabetes education will help them learn and become good self-managers of their diabetes.

Using patient care flow sheets, engaging and communicating with other members of your patient’s health-care team and using the 5Rs (Recognize, Register, Resource, Relay, Recall) will help you organize and provide the best care, plus improve outcomes.

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